Sunday, July 23, 2017

Are We a Nation of Addicts?

Yes, we all know the addictive properties of tobacco, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, opioids, and the so-called “harmless drug” marijuana, but we are now encountering quite a few newer and other addictions, many of which have been recently confirmed and that are causing great concern in the medical, and mental health communities.

The addictions listed above are concerns because they are mind-altering drugs and/or health hazards, but the newer addictions, which are not mind-altering per se, but are in some ways equally harmful to the body and to society in general.

Let's take look at some of these other addictions. Just during the past decade, the addiction of using cyber machines have taken the country by storm, namely the use of I-Phones, Twitter accounts, and tablets. Most everyone, both young and old, seem to have one of these cyber contraptions and it seems to becoming an addiction to many of the people using them. Just go the mall and watch the people walk by, most people have their I Phones out in their hands or sticking out of their back pockets (its slimness makes it easy to carry them in your back pocket). It is not only the young people, but many of the adults who are “thumbing” their way through the buttons of their machines. I've even seen youngsters, as young as 4 years old, with determined interest in their I-Phones, thumbing along with the rest of the people, totally oblivious to others around them. This activity can be very dangerous, especially when walking on the sidewalk or when crossing the street, and especially when driving a car. Some states have passed laws banning texting while driving, and a person could be fined for that act.

You wonder if this obsession (or addiction) is a good activity that is just keeping up with the technological changes of life, or is it just a passing fancy that will fade away in the future? I err on the side of addiction now and in the future. (I just returned from 4 weeks in the country of Costa Rica, and it is just like here in the U.S. when it comes to the use of these machines).

Another activity that borders on an addiction is the mindset by many “health nuts” that they will only eat “pure food” and drink. Vegans (or semi-vegans) are seriously into what they claim is the “healthy regimen” of eating only foods that are organic, “cage free” (as in eggs), no sugar, no salt, gluten free, wild caught fish (no farmed fish), and a host of other no-no's that they consider “sinful” if ingested into their bodies. They have a tendency to look down upon others who don't accept their food and drink choices, sometimes bordering on disdain. Is that really a healthy regimen to follow or are they just addicted to their “pure lifestyle”. I believe that they have the right idea about eating healthy foods, but they carry their lifestyle to ridiculous extremes which creates much tension among others who associate with them. Is it an addiction, you make the call?

Another activity that can be addictive, I feel, are the the people who gear their lives to overly trying to be physically fit by exercising to the extreme, sometimes 3 to 4 hours a day (I'm not referring to prize fighters and/or some other athletes who must meet certain physical parameters to excel in their sport). Yes, physical fitness is a good activity to engage in, but when you take that good activity to the extreme, it can be detrimental to your health and well-being. An example of an extreme physical fitness addiction is a woman that comes to the gym I patronize, who must weigh between 80 to 90 pounds and works out on a “Stairmaster” (a very difficult exercise machine), for about an excess of 2 hours a day, plus using other machines. She is all skin and bones, and I presume that she feels that she is overweight (maybe she's even anorexic). To me, this is an addictive behavior just as overeating is addictive to some who become morbidly obese.

I'm sure I could list other addictive behaviors, but I think you get the point I'm trying to make. Most of these behaviors are self-imposed, but in the case of of people with physical problems who become addicted in trying to relieve their pain and discomfort, through no fault of their own, help should be made available to them to rid themselves of their addiction.

Other than the government trying to restrict the mind-altering addictions, the government should not get involved in banning certain other addictive activities, but they should get involved in educating the public as to the dangers of getting addicted to any activity, as they have done in their successful campaign in the past against cigarette smoking.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

The Wall Street Journal headlines that,
“Putin is not America’s Friend”.

Now, if that isn’t Pulitzer Prize journalism, I don’t know what is.
Ya coulda fooled us.  All the smart money was on Putin when the two leaders met in person for the first time, at G20.  Prediction:  poor, naïve, unsophisticated President Trump would be eaten alive by the wily, ex-KGB tough guy. It would be a slam-dunk.
Pres. Trump said that he was ‘honored’ to be meeting with the leader of the former Soviet Union.  Trump says a lot of things, the vast majority of which are astutely calculated to have a particular effect on whomever he is conversing with.  It’s his thing; it’s what he does.
Is anyone so naïve as to think for one split second, that Trump, the world’s most accomplished negotiator, doesn’t know how to read anyone with whom he is negotiating?  With just a fleeting reprise at how this life-long business tycoon decided to run for the Presidency and then plow through all comers, including the Royal Dame of Democrat Corruption, Hillary the Horrible, one is obliged to conclude that this is a narrative about a dominant male who never fails to achieve supremacy.
If there are two people in the room and one of them is Donald Trump – my money is on the Trumpster to take home the prize.
                                                  MORT KUFF        © 7-10-2017

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

What is Cranial Rectal Inversion?

Cranial Rectal Inversion (CRI) is a malady (disease) that is mostly contracted by liberals who have their heads so firmly planted up their butts, that it is unlikely that they'll ever have another rational point-of-view. It is in most cases, incurable, and they can transfer it to other liberals whom they intermingle with.

The symptoms are very numerous, but I'll try to enumerate the ideas and policies associated with this malady, which causes them and their fellow liberals to be afflicted with this disease.

First off,. The liberals that are infected are in favor of, open borders and giving amnesty to illegal aliens, the more the better; they favor taking money from the rich and giving handouts to the poor ( free stuff); they favor unfettered abortion up till the time of breech (in other words, late-term abortion); they call Wall Street “evil” while taking in millions of dollars in campaign contributions from those very same financial institutions; they believe in same sex marriage and gender neutral bathrooms and shower rooms; they believe in appeasing our avowed enemies while “dissing” our friends ( like Israel); they want to take away the firearms of law abiding citizens while they, in the past, released thousands of criminals from our jails and prisons; and they turn a blind eye on the corrupt activities of the Clinton's ( ex:the Clinton “Crime” Foundation) and their loyal cronies (a/k/a liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Socialists), and finally, they can't get over the fact that Queen Hillary (a/k/a Nurse Rachit) Clinton lost the election to political neophyte Donald Trump in a stunning upset.

There are many more symptoms as to why the liberals are infected with CRI, but we don't have time or space to enumerate them all. You could say that they have their heads so far up their butts, they can chew their food on the way down, to add to the earlier definition at the beginning of this Pulitzer prize winning editorial (there's no conceit in my family, I have it all, ha,ha!).

The cases of CRI sort of escalate generally around the time of an election period. To try to counteract this malady, they (the Democrats) trot out the usual verbal garbage their sleazy focus groups tell them to use to try to slime their opponents ( the Republicans) as it has worked very well for them in the past. They say Republicans are anti-woman; anti-black; anti-Hispanic; anti-poor; anti-abortion; anti-gays and lesbians, and the new favored class, transgenders (which make up ½ of one-percent of the population) etc. , but it doesn't seem to help them get cured, in fact, it makes their condition much worse.

Just listen back to the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, which had an advanced case of CRI, and it got worse each and every week she campaigned. By getting the Democrat nomination and losing the general election, her case of CRI is still non-reversible and she will have to bear the agony of being considered terminally irrelevant even after her shocking loss to Pres. Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of Barack Hussein Obama and his flawed legacy and her record of economic and foreign policy failures.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Anonymous Sources Has a Name

Blood sucking elements in the democratic party and fake news
media keep pecking on the scab that divides the country, wanting
to draw blood, keeping the wound open, because they do not want
America to heal for fear they will become extraneous.

They are illusionary, suffering from Yehoodi syndrome. The term I
have coined to describe their anonymous sources, whom they often
cite as the persons they come to for their erroneous accusations.
Yehoodi was exemplified as the little man who wasn't there, in the
old Jack Benny radio shows in the 40's.

While the Trump administration is trying to move the country ahead,
the blood suckers' manic obsession with Russia, sinking their teeth
deep into the fallacy of collusion and not letting it go, no matter how
hard or how many facts are thrown at them, has not offered even
one idea or piece of constructive legislation, preferring to obstruct
and continue their campaign of hate, to topple the present seat of
government. It is incendiary and subversive!

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

President Trump's Speech in Poland

President Donald Trump delivers this terrific speech to a crowd in Warsaw, Poland. This speech came ahead of the G20 summit. You will not hear President Trump bad mouth America or apologize for our Country.

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